Interior Remodel Design

Scope of work: Permit | Labor | Material
Project Type: Kitchen
Project Costs: $ 52,200 – $ 57,700
Compl. Date: 03/13/2023
Completion time: 96 days


Remodeling Is The Process Of Changing The Functionality And The Design Of An Area. It May Involve Tearing Out A Wall To Expand A Bathroom And Reconfiguring A Kitchen Layout So The Cabinets, Fridge, Sink, And Range Are In Different Locations. Constructing An Addition To Your Home Would Also Be Considered A Remodel.

Marry and Peter as a new married couple who just bought a 1600 square foot home in Fremont. However, the house defined by dated features would drive anyone crazy. That’s why they came to us right away.

Marry looked up online and trusted the reviews and points we got on thumbtack; she left a message there and emailed us her house pictures and some of their ideas about how they want to remodel it. As mason got the images and all the data about this house, he called marry brief and explained how it would work and how much it would cost, but for more accuracy, it would be better to go an onsite visit.

After the onsite visiting measurement, mason gave a proposal with a detailed scope of work and detailed cost for every single part sent to marry. It was all clear and done; we started to work on the project as the proposal became official.

They wanted to remodeling the house to a clean, brighter, contemporary style. So mason suggests replacing the outdated heavy door with a glass front door. The new doors complement the slider (on the left) that links the kitchen and the front patio. And an open floor plan, all-white walls, clean lines, mirrors, reflective surfaces, few furnishings, and lots of large windows with minimal window treatments. Also, because of the budget issue, we suggest They install sleek engineered-quartz countertops and budget-friendly IKEA cabinetry.

As all designs were set up, we initialled it back to mary and peter and scheduled meetings to explain and confirm every single part of the drawings with them. It was a delightful meeting; they were satisfied with the remodelling designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you’re looking for here is how well the designer describes their vision. Does it match yours? For example, at Laura U we don’t specialize in one particular design style. Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, eclectic, romantic, or serene, we find inspiration from our clients and what they enjoy. There are many designers like this, as well as designers that stay within one style profile. If you find you gravitate towards a French Provincial look, it makes sense to work with a designer that specializes in that style. But if you aren’t sure where you sit on the style spectrum, interview a variety of designers and ask to see their portfolios.

This is an important question for a couple of reasons. First, you want to make sure you’re working with a firm that specializes and excels in the services you need for your project. Second, you want to understand how the design firm thinks about themselves. For example, you may only need furnishings in your new home, but have no idea where to start. If you’re interviewing an interior designer, they might mention great brand relationships, having a good eye, and a portfolio of stunning interiors. A designer with more experience in space planning and interior architecture, may talk about custom millwork and introduce you to an in-house architect. Both are excellent designers, but if you’re looking for a furniture refresh, you won’t need to discuss the architectural elements.

Laura U is a bit different. As a “wholistic” design firm, we address design at every stage, from the ground up. Our favorite projects start with the architectural planning through to the final flourish of a decor pillow, and we manage everything in between. This could include working with our Director of Residential Design, keeping your builders on pace, assisting with color selections, designing custom furnishings, fine art advisory, and space planning. If you want to take a trip to the markets, feel free to invite us! We love shopping with clients, helping them find that one piece you cannot find anywhere else. It’s best to consider all the services you would like to have in order to make your home feel complete. But it’s also important to listen to the design professional. They may have a fantastic service suggestion that you haven’t thought of yet!

When hiring an interior designer, budget questions should come into the conversation at the very beginning. It doesn’t benefit anyone to start working on a home, only to find out the budget is too small or too large. But I know budgets can be tough to talk about. I also feel like reality TV has blurred the lines between affordability, timeliness, and realistic expectations. I recommend interviewing a few different designers to get a baseline for what your project should cost. Before the design even begins, my firm answers this question in our client questionnaire. If the budget is a fit, then we move into site visits and take deeper dives into specific styles. If the client needs to stay within a smaller budget, we recommend other services and local designers that would be a better match. We’ve found that Houston is an incredibly collaborative market. We’ve worked alongside other designers to make sure the homeowner gets the outstanding service they’re looking for.

The answer to this question could be a variety of different things: drawings, mood boards, or interactive digital presentations. I recommend that you follow up this question with others that give you a better understanding of the design firm’s process as a whole. For example, our signature process works like this:

  • DISCOVERY Each project begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify the client’s needs and style. We review inspiration images and talk through the home’s overall space plan.
  • INSPIRATIONOur design team creates a room-by-room concept statement that guides the overall design direction of the project.
  • DESIGNWe present fully developed design ideas and if any revisions are necessary, they’re shown in a follow-presentation where the final design is selected.
  • PROCUREMENTOnce the design is final, our in-house procurement team orders your new furnishings, fixtures, and accessories.
  • INSTALLATIONDepending on the project scale, our design team will spend 1-5 days installing all the art, furnishings, and accessories in your home.
  • BIG REVEALIt’s time to celebrate! We welcome you to your new home and unveil your new interior!

We also work with clients on Instagram and Pinterest. These visual platforms make sharing inspiration photos easy. At the studio, our design teams will create project boards where we collect anything from full bedroom designs to small lacquered boxes. This is a great way to keep the lines of communication open between designer and client.

The designer you interview may be the only one working on your project, or they may be part of a design team. If you’ll be working with a team, ask to know more about the backgrounds of everyone involved. Again, it’s imperative that everyone understands your design style AND your communication style. At Laura U, we utilize design teams, which consist of a Senior or Lead Designer and a Design Assistant, throughout the project. Our designers work closely together to ensure that old adage of “measure twice, cut once.” It’s essential to have more than one designer on every project because there are so many moving parts. We also have a purchasing assistant, who manages the logistics of ordering and install. As founder and creative director of Laura U, I touch every project. I meet with every client. As the project moves forward, I review all design concepts and attend walkthroughs. While I won’t be your main point of contact, I’ll be there to oversee all aspects of your design.  

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