House Addition Design

Scope of work: Permit | Labor | Material
Project Type: Kitchen
Project Costs: $ 52,200 – $ 57,700
Compl. Date: 03/13/2023
Completion time: 96 days


A Conventional House Addition Is A Multi-Room Structure Built Onto The Side Of A House And Is Permanently Open To The Main House. When Constructed Well Enough, A House Addition Essentially Blends Into And Becomes The House Itself.

Marry is a mother of two kids,  and lives in San Francisco; she just had a newborn daughter recently; she was lucky to have a cute girl. However, when they first moved to the new house, she and her husband were not expecting a newborn in the place so soon, and did not prepare any room for their future baby.

As the baby grows, they realise it’s time to give their lovely daughter a comfortable room. It’s also the time they came to Cecilia’s Home to look for professional help to add a bedroom for their daughter.

Sophie reached out to us with all the existing drawings with three-bedroom; they wanted to expand one more room from the living room area. During the first free consultation, mason managed to adopt all her ideas, put in the detailed scope of work, and make it into the paper contract, sent to Sophie right after the call within 2 hours.

The price and the service we offered on the paper were everything that Sophie looked for, so she signed the contract without hesitation. Cecilia’s home gets right on track for the project within one 1day. As Sophie required some 3d renderings needed in the 15days, they could not wait too long for this. Thus, our team managed to do the 3d rendering and revise the details while zoom met with the clients.

Within with15 days, the team finally finished the first drawings and met the client’s expectations. Even though there were a few things Sophie wanted to change, the revised drawings were also fixed very quickly.

Within another 5days, we did the final drawings and sent them to Sophie; she was finally relaxed; everything she asked for was on paper and even better .not only expanding the room for her daughter but also making both the living room area and the bedroom brighter than before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, you want to start by considering what rooms will be expanded or created with the addition’s construction. What are you hoping to accomplish? How will it enhance your experience and family life inside the home?

Ask yourself how big you want the addition to be. How many square feet you plan to add will impact many things about the project from the scope to the cost to the impact it has on your life when completed

Consider not just the space you will be adding, but how it will experientially and physically flow from the original floor plan into the space you’re creating with the addition. Whether you are opening up a great room or adding additional rooms to the home.

If you live in an HOA community as so many do, there are going to be specific regulations about what your home can look like externally and certain features you can add. Be sure to check with the neighborhood policies before you begin.

Remember to consider that additions don’t appear overnight. They take months to plan, then open up the house and build. Your homelife will inevitably be disrupted. The only question is by how much, for how long, and what you will do to maintain a functional routine during construction.

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