Deck Design

Scope of work: Permit | Labor | Material
Project Type: Kitchen
Project Costs: $ 52,200 – $ 57,700
Compl. Date: 03/13/2023
Completion time: 96 days


A Deck Design Is The First Step In Adding Beautiful And Functional Outdoor Space To Your Home. Whether It Is Part Of A Complete Landscape Plan, Home Remodel, Or New Building Project, The Right Deck Design Will Add Value And Years Of Enjoyment To A Home

Mike is a Chinese homeowner in San Leandro; he always wanted to have a deck extended out from his bedroom and connected with the backyard. He wanted to drink and enjoy the sunset from the balcony.

When he first came to us, he wanted to communicate his idea with someone who could speak Chinese and English, which would be easier for him during the project following up. After reaching out to us on Thumbtack, mason called him back in 30mins and talked about what he wanted his deck to look like; he tried to make the deck safe and stylish and functions beautifully from dusk to dawn. So mason suggests the deck lighting.  They had an agreement on the details.
It was supposed to be an easy and quick project; after just one free consultation, mike decided to sign up with Cecilia’s home.
Within 15 days, we will send back the draft drawings to mike to confirm the design. He was happy with the pictures, just slightly concerned about the lighting system. Mason helped explain how these lights would work out, and it would be Eco-lighting. The rest was just easy during the whole project. We also helped with the Permit assistance; we had our project manager go over the counter to submit the permit application.

So just as I said, the project was easy; with our professional permit assistance and perfect designs, we got the city’s permission in one week with just one submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

When deciding on a style for your deck, you should always consider the architectural look of your home. For example, a modern deck probably would not look ecstatically pleasing if you have a Colonial home. When building a deck for a Colonial home, you could use elements like white moulded railings with decorative posts caps and incorporate planter boxes and benches.

Once you have decided what style deck you are going to build, picking your railing choice becomes a bit easier. Budget and purpose are two questions you have to think about. Most people think of railings as the finishing parts of the decks structure, but a railing system is your finishing accessory to tie your deck style together.  You have to take in consideration your view, weather and privacy when picking out your railing system.

What you do on your deck is your business, you can enjoy the deck-life anyway you want. With privacy railing you are able to have privacy and protection from unwanted weather elements.

 That “B” word keeps popping up when designing your dream outdoor space, BUDGET. First set a budget, pressure treated wood is your most cost efficient material. But if you are looking for a maintenance free deck and your budget allows for it, a Composite or PVC decking material is the way to go.

If a deck is going to handle a crowd, or a grill, or planters, or a spa tub, it has to be built with those weights in mind. A cookie-cutter deck design from a book of designs probably won’t handle excessive weight, and the design may dictate where you place these things rather than have the items dictate the design.

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