Commercial Design

Scope of work: Permit | Labor | Material
Project Type: Kitchen
Project Costs: $ 52,200 – $ 57,700
Compl. Date: 03/13/2023
Completion time: 96 days


Commercial Design Is A Design Process Carried Out By An Architect Or A Building Designer With Expertise In The Infrastructure Of Buildings That Are Made Specifically For Businesses While Observing The Rules And Legislation Outlined By The Building Code Of California, Californian Standards And Local Authority Requirements

Chris is the pizza shop owner; it was challenging to run a business during a pandemic for the past 2years. So he decided to make a little bit change of to his Pizza shop. That’s the time he came to Cecilia’s home for advice.

 During the first free consultation phone call with Mason, Chris described what the pizza shop looks like at present and how he wanted the changes. He tried to remove a wall and make sure everything was able to meet the Accessibility Standards. Mason noted all the requirements and gave him the estimated price of each charge during the phone call.

About two days later, After comparing with three different companies, Chris came back with us and decided to do this project with us.

After signing the contract, we started our work right away; our professional onsite visiting expert went to his pizza shop for the more accurate data and drawings. Once we got all the data, our team began to work on the pictures. Chris wanted to expand more space in his shop and do a little bit of change in the kitchen area to make it a see-through kitchen for the customers.

Luckily, our team could able to meet his expectation in around 20days. He was OK with the first draft drawings; he just wanted to add more tables; after one zoom meeting with our team, we helped him make it happen, more space for customers intelligent storage solution to save the space for customers.

We helped him with the permit assistant; it was a long waiting journey to wait for the city’s comment back. Luckily, we can still get the city’s permit and meet the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a restaurant to treat your family, the first thing you do is read up about each place and shortlist a few. Research them online and find out what cuisine they serve. When it comes to designers too, understand the expert, their background and take a look at their professional portfolio. Browse and compare the before and after photos of past projects to get an understanding of their style and approach. Ask them about their aesthetics. Are they comfortable working with contemporary designs or are traditional aesthetics their forte? Check for whether budgets are a benchmark for the designer, that helps screen off some at the beginning itself. Ask questions, seek answers, gauge whether they are open to feedback or will bulldoze your ideas. An interaction with an interior designer will last for a period of time so it’s crucial to search for one aligned with you to make this relationship last. 

When looking to eat out, you wouldn’t want to hop across from one restaurant serving starters to another serving mains and the third desserts. It’s impossible, inconvenient and will throw off your taste buds. Therefore expecting an interior designer to stay with you in your home design from start to finish must be a part of this decisive deal. Before execution discuss possible designs and layouts, colour schemes, lighting designs and a likely visual look for your home. As you get to work together, your interior designer will have a say in the products needed, involve you with furniture purchases, window and wall treatment, floor planning and necessary accessories you need to embellish your space with. Discuss the degree of your involvement before work begins. If you’re super hands-on, then your involvement may seem like an intrusion. Alternatively if you’d like to be completely off the process, discuss accordingly so your designer enjoys autonomy when making these crucial decisions.

Budget is the prime criteria that decides the kind of restaurant you’d want to eat at. This holds true while hiring an interior designer too. Having said this, hiring one should not be seen as a major spend. But no doubt, this is a question you ask a potential interior designer. Home design professionals are experts and can optimize your overall spends and work considerably. Besides they are well connected to architects, manufacturers and suppliers. They also have access to trade discounts on products. Also designing your home by an expert can help avoid major mistakes which can be expensive to repair or restore thereafter.

As compared to large spaces, small spaces need more inputs and value additions. Just like in a small cafe or bistro where food is niche and eclectic, small home spaces need special attention and a bit more love. An interior designer can offer great value and inspiration towards colour, decor and furnishings; from cleverly placed mirrors, muted lighting, to zoned layouts and clever placement of furniture. As the popular saying goes, small is always beautiful and a little unique.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the gazillion food choices, the variety of cuisines and options available and didn’t know what to choose? Of course not! This is probably because you decide your cuisine much before you walk into a restaurant and leave the preparation to the chef in charge When doing up your home design, it is best to discuss details with the interior designer who will better assess the nitty gritties for your home. Meet your designer with an open mind and a raw slate. Don’t restrict your ideas and concepts to a box. Allow yourself to explore and push boundaries. Share your likes and dislikes, visual aesthetics and expectations, and make all this a part of your interior design consultation questionnaire. The more expressive you are, the more you help your designer weave a better aesthetic tailored to your likings.

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